We play old-time music because the playful and searing sounds keep us coming back for more. 

Old-time music originated in the mountains of the American South, combining aspects of African-American blues, Irish and Scottish fiddle traditions and English ballads. Salty Atlantic breezes season our interpretation of stringband tunes and inspire the sound of our original songs and instrumentals.

Our band consists of Ellen Kearney (vocals, guitar, mandolin), Amy Lounder (fiddle, vocals) and Dane George (mandolin, vocals). 

We came together through Halifax's old-time music community in 2015 and spent a few years playing at a local jam at the Lion's Head Tavern. In 2018, we formed The Old Beef Stringband and have since played festivals (Full Circle Festival, Margaree Harvest Festival), local pubs, farmers markets, square dances and contra-dances.